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Geranium leucanthum Small, sp. nov Perennial, the caudex commonly branched. Stems ascending or spreading, 2-7 dm. long, ultimately more or less branched, hirsute with white somewhat retrorse hairs; leafblades thin, orbicular-pentagonal in outline, more or less hirsute on both sides, mostly 5parted, the divisions rather cuneate, cleft or incised ; pedicels glandular-hirsute ; sepals awn-tipped, the outer ones 10-12 mm. long, the bodies elliptic-lanceolate to lanceolate, finely, pubescent, usually hoary ; petals white, 16-21 mm. long, somewhat veiny; stylecolumn 20-25 mm. long, glandular-hirsute ; carpel-bodies about 5 mm. long, hirsute ; seeds finely reticulate.
Tvpe collected at Pineridge, Fresno County, California, June 15-25, 1900, H. M. Hall & H. P. Chandler 224.
Distribution : Middle and southern California.
bibliographic citation
John Kunkel Small, Lenda Tracy Hanks, Nathaniel Lord Britton. 1907. GERANIALES, GERANIACEAE, OXALIDACEAE, LINACEAE, ERYTHROXYLACEAE. North American flora. vol 25(1). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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