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Eleocharis alveolata Svenson

Comprehensive Description

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Eleocharis alveolata Svenson, Rhodora 31 : 241. 1929
Scirpus capillaceus Griseb. Cat. Fl. Cub. 239. 1866 ; not 5". capillaceus Michx. 1803, nor Eleocharis capillacea Kunth, 1837.
Forming dense mats; culms 2-5 cm. long, frequently recurved, capillary, triangular to
sulcate-quadrangular, punctate; sheaths reddish-brown, firm, scarious, and a little inflated
at the apex ; spikelets linear, acute, 2-3 mm. long, usually sterile ; scales Z-A, linear, strongly
keeled, brown with a hyaline margin ; style trifid ; achenes most frequently situated at the
culm-bases, acutely trigonous, 1-1.3 mm. long (including the prominent style-base), obovate,
narrowed at base and apex, stipitate, shining, olivaceous to whitish, prominently cancellate;
style-base trigonous, elongate, conic, acuminate, from a broad base; bristles lacking.
Type locality: Herradura, western Cuba (Ekman 17788). Distribution : Western Cuba and the Isle of Pines.
bibliographic citation
Henry Knut Svenson. 1957. (POALES); (CYPERACEAE); SCIRPEAE (CONTINUATIO). North American flora. vol 18(9). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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