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    Lepidopsocidae: Brief Summary
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    Lepidopsocidae are an insect family of bark lice (Psocoptera) belonging to the suborder Trogiomorpha. Colloquially, Lepidopsocidae are referred to as the Scaly-winged Barklice. There are ~200 species described worldwide. Phylogenetic analysis of relationships between families in Trogiomorpha, based on partial sequences of the nuclear 18S rDNA, mitochondrial 16S rDNA, and Histone 3 genes, propose that Lepidopsocidae is monophyletic, meaning that the taxa within share a common ancestor. This is supported morphologically by the presence of scales and setae covering the body and forewings of Lepodopsocids. Sister families of Lepidoposcidae include Trogiidae and Psoquillidae.

    Lepidopsocidae was described by Gunther Enderlein in The Scaly Winged Copeognatha (Monograph of the Amphientomidae, Lepidopsocidae, and Lepidillidae in relation to their Morphology and Taxonomy), published in 1906. Subfamilies of Lepidopsocidae include:

    Thylacellinae Perientominae Lepidopsocinae Echinopsocinae Lepolepinae

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