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Fomes ellisianus F. W. Anderson, Bot. Gaz. 16 : 113. 1891
Poh'Porus circumsians Morgan, Jour. Citic. Soc. Nat. Hist. 18: 37. 1895. (Type from South 'Dakota.)
Pileus, dimidiate, ungulate, woody, 4-7 X 6-8 X 2-5 cm.; surface radiate-rugose, sulcate, light-bay or brown, becoming rimose and darker with age; margin obtuse or rounded, pallid, fertile: context corky, pale-ochraceous, scanty, 0.5-1 cm. thick, becoming scanty in the older sporophores ; tubes indistinctly stratified, concolorous with the context, fragile, 0.5-1.5 cm. long each season, mouths subcircular, 3 to a mm., edges rather thick, pruinose when young, becoming concolorous : spores ovoid to slightly oblong, smooth, hyaline, 4-5X5-6//; hyphae 5^, very light-brown ; cystidia none.
Type locality : Teton Valley, Montana.
Habitat : I^iving trunks and branches of Shepherdia argentea Nutt. Distribution : Montana, South Dakota, Colorado, and New Mexico.
bibliographic citation
William Alphonso MurrilI, Gertrude Simmons BurIingham, Leigh H Pennington, John Hendly Barnhart. 1907-1916. (AGARICALES); POLYPORACEAE-AGARICACEAE. North American flora. vol 9. New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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