This is a specimen based database containing information on taxa of all levels within the Braconidae (Hymenoptera). Taxon pages may be generated at all hierarchical levels including the species level. A typical species page, for example includes a chronogram (bar graph) showing monthly capture data, links to pdf’s of all original and subsequent descriptions, synonyms and other nomenclatorial information, list of host species e.g. lepidopteran larvae and its host plant, habitus and detailed images of taxonomic importance, a table with all geographic, temporal and biological information associated with each specimen, and links to images and data concerning the type specimen and those of junior synonyms and subspecies. At higher taxonomic levels, e.g., genus, the same information , if applicable is available as well as the following: a list of all recognized species with links to their respective species pages; group images of each important body part, such that lateral habitus images of all species can be shown, or all images of the heads of all species. We will be developing a capability for this to function as a pictorial key in the near future. http://www.sharkeylab.org/sharkeylab/sharkeyProjects.html


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