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AnAge is a database of longevity and ageing in animals. It features quantitative life history data for over 4000 species including extensive longevity records body masses at different developmental stages reproductive data and physiological traits related to metabolism. In addition to quantitative data, AnAge also features comments and observations related to ageing or relevant to the life history of individual taxa. AnAge has extensive life history traits such as adult body weight gestation or incubation time age at sexual maturity and other reproductive data. AnAge focuses primarily on chordates. At the time of writing AnAge features 4122 entries including 1331 mammals, 1098 birds, 539 reptiles, 169 amphibians, 962 fishes and 28 non-chordates. Our focus is on accuracy and quality however, not quantity, and only species for which we have confidence in the data are featured. Numerous experts have contributed information to AnAge and helped us meet quality standards. Professor Steven Austad, a world renowned expert in mammalian ageing at the Barshop Institute in San Antonio, is AnAge's expert mammalogist and curator. http://genomics.senescence.info/species/


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