Synemon jcaria sunning itself

Imagem de <i>Synemon jcaria</i> R. Felder 1874


Synemon jcaria a beautiful sunmoth which flies this time of the year. Synemon sunmoths are a day flying moth and can be seen between 10am and 3pm depending upon the temperature and if the sun is shining. When the clouds come over, they seem to disappear. They sit with their wings open to absorb the sunshine to give them energy.This one is a bit battle worn. The males choose a prominent place where the females would like to come and sun themselves. They then fight other males that enter their territory by spiraling up and crashing into each other. One then concedes defeat and flies away. Synemon jcaria is also found in South Australia and Victoria. More information found on the SOUTH AUSTRALIAN SUN-MOTHS website Thanks Andy Williams (DEC) for the ID.Photo Jean

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