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    Anolis lineatopus: Brief Summary
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    The Jamaican Gray anole or Stripefoot anole, Anolis lineatopus is a species of lizard endemic to the island of Jamaica.

Comprehensive Description


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    Continent: Caribbean
    Distribution: Jamaica Anolis lineatopus lineatopus: roughly the southern third of Jamaica, from St. Elizabeth Parish east to St. Thomas Parish. Populations intermediate between 2, 3, or 4 of the subspecies that occur in eastern Jamaica, west and southwest of Buff Bay. Elsewhere, subspecies appear to interdigitate extensively or overlap; the relationships between the subspecies need to be clarified.
    Type locality: unknown. Anolis lineatopus ahenobarbus (HOLOTYPE BMNH 1954.1.2.58): extreme eastern Jamaica. Anolis lineatopus merope (HOLOTYPE BMNH 1954.1.2.60): the northern marginal region of Jamaica; Cabarita I. off Port Maria. Anolis lineatopus neckeri (HOLOTYPE MCZ 45087): along east-west axis of Jamaica, from Hanover and Westmoreland parishes east into St. Catherine Parish; delineation of the ranges of the subspecies is tentative.