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Micromonas I. Manton & M. Parke 1960

Brief Summary

    Micromonas: Brief Summary
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    Micromonas is a genus of green algae in the family Mamiellaceae.

    Before the characterization in 2016 of a second species, Micromonas commoda, Micromonas pusilla was considered to be the only species in the genus, which led to a disproportionate amount of research discussing a single species within the genus. It is suggested to be the dominant photosynthetic picoeukaryote in some marine ecosystems. Unlike many marine algae, it is distributed widely in both warm and cold waters. It is a strong swimmer and exhibits a phototaxic response.

    Micromonas pusilla is divided into 3 to 5 different clades despite their similarity in morphologies and habitats. Varying ratios of clades contribute to the M. pusilla population throughout the marine ecosystem leading to the hypothesis of clades arising based on niche occupation and susceptibility to virus infection.

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