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Menoidium obtusum E. G. Pringsheim 1942

Comprehensive Description

    Description of Menoidium obtusum
    provided by BioPedia
    Gliding, rigid euglenid, flattened, body bean-shaped, posterior end of cell broad rounded, anterior end of cell slightly truncate, apically with a broad opening of the flagellar canal. The dorsal side of cell is convex and the ventral side of cell is slightly concave or straight. Cells are 32 - 42 microns long and 10 - 16 microns wide. The pellicle seems smooth. One flagellum arises from the flagellar pocket and is about 0.5 CL. The flagellar pocked is located on the ventral side of cell. A contractile vacuole was observed near the base of the flagellar pocket and a roundish nucleus is present in the middle or slightly posterior to the centre of the cell. The anterior part of the cell contains a few large rhomboidal paramylon granules with a dark median line. There are many small roundish granules mostly in the posterior end of cell. The posterior end of cell contains an ovoid space devoid of paramylon grains. The cell swims with an undulating and rotating path.