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Rough Blazing Star

Liatris aspera Michx.

Brief Summary

    Liatris aspera: Brief Summary
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    Liatris aspera (known as rough, button, lacerate, or tall prairie blazing star or gayfeather) is a wildflower that is found in the mid to eastern United States in habitats that range from mesic to dry prairie and dry savanna.

    It grows 30 to 180 cm (1 to 6 feet) high. The inflorescence is an erect raceme with numerous, purple, button-like flower heads, short-stalked or stalkless, blooming from the top down. It flowers from mid-August through September, with seed becoming ripe in October to November.

    Leaves are alternate, numerous, and narrow along the entire stem. The stem is rough with short stiff hairs, and often the leaves are as well.


    Flowers from above, some not yet blooming.

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