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Bulimina simplex Terquem emend. Cushman & Parker 1937


provided by World Register of Marine Species
According to Le Calvez (1970), the species described as Bulimina simplex by Cushman and Parker (1937 and 1947) does not correspond to Terquem's species which is almost impossible to identify (badly preserved types do not fit with the illustrations). To avoid any confusion, Le Calvez proposed a new name B. parkerae for Cushman and Parker's species. Firstly, B. parkerae is preoccupied by Bulimina parkerae Thalmann, 1942. Secondly, two varieties of B. simplex have been described after Cushman and Parker's description. Therefore we propose to keep Cushman and Parker's description as a valid emendation.
WoRMS Editorial Board