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Nigredo aegopogonis (Dietel & Holway) Arth. R6sult. Sci
Congr. Bot. Vienne 343. 1906.
Uromyces Aegopogonis Dietel & Holway ; Holway, Bot. Gaz. 24 : 25. 1897.
O and I. Pycnia and aecia unknown.
XJredinia hypophyllous, rarely epiphyllous, scattered, oblongor linear, 0.5-0.8 mm long, early naked, somewhat pulverulent, light cinnamon-brown, ruptured epidermis noticeable ; urediniospores globoid or obovoid, 16-19 by 19-23 )u ; wall light cinnamonbrown, moderately thin, 1.5-2^, moderately echinulate, the pores 6-8, scattered.
bibliographic citation
Joseph Charles Arthur, Frank Dunn Kern. 1912. (UREDINALES); AECIDIACEAE (continuatio), GYMNOSPORANGIUM. North American flora. vol 7(3). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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