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Hypotrachyna subsaxatilis

Parmelia subsaxatilis Bouly de Lesdain, 1914:6. [Type collection: Cerro Azul, Michoacán, Mexico, Arsène 3973 (P, lectotype).]

Thallus loosely adnate on rock, dark mineral gray, 4–8 cm broad; lobes sublinear, short, crowded, 1–3.5 mm wide; upper surface plane to rugulose and cracked, lacking isidia and soredia; lower surface sparsely to moderately rhizinate, the rhizines sparsely dichotomously branched. Apothecia adnate, 1.5–4.5 mm in diameter; spores 7μ–9μ × 11μ–15μ.

CHEMISTRY.—Cortex K+ yellow, medulla K+ yellow turning red, P+ orange-red (atranorin and salazinic acid).


HABITAT.—On rocks and soil over rocks in open areas at about 2200 m elevation.
bibliographic citation
Hale, Mason E., Jr. 1975. "A Revision of the Lichen Genus Hypotrachyna (Parmeliaceae) in Tropical America." Smithsonian Contributions to Botany. 1-73. https://doi.org/10.5479/si.0081024X.25