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Donacia palmata

The Donaciinae, aquatic leaf beetles, are a subfamily of the leaf beetle family Chrysomelidae, characterized by distinctly long antennae and their aquatic life cycle.[1][2] They are found in mainly the Northern Hemisphere, with some species found in the Southern Hemisphere.[3]

Life cycle

Female Donaciinae lay eggs between aquatic plant stems and leaf sheaths.[4] When larvae hatch they are aquatic, and attach themselves to underwater stems and roots of their plant hosts, primarily Potamogeton, for food and oxygen.[5] Adults live in vegetation bordering ponds, marshes, lakes,[1] and brackish water environments.[6] While most Donaciinae have the ability to fly, fully aquatic and flightless species such as Macroplea mutica exhibit the ability to disperse long distance by surviving the passage though the gut of water birds.[4]


These six genera belong to the subfamily Donaciinae:

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