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Talipariti tiliaceum (L.) Fryxell

Brief Summary

    Hibiscus tiliaceus: Brief Summary
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    Hibiscus tiliaceus is a species of flowering tree in the mallow family, Malvaceae, that is native to the Old World tropics. Common names include sea hibiscus, beach hibiscus, coastal (or coast) hibiscus, coastal (or coast) cottonwood, green cottonwood, native hibiscus, native rosella, cottonwood hibiscus, kurrajong, sea rosemallow, balibago (Tagalog), malabago (Cebuano – Southern), maribago (Cebuano – Northern), waru (Indonesian), hau (Hawaiian), fau (Samoan), purau (Tahitian), and vau tree. The specific epithet, "tiliaceus", refers to its resemblance to the related Tilia species.

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