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Enneapogon nigricans (R. Br.) P. Beauv.

Brief Summary

    Enneapogon nigricans: Brief Summary
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    Enneapogon nigricans, known by the common names blackheads, bottle washers, pappus grass, purpletop grass, and niggerheads, is a perennial Australian grass.

    Distinctive lance-shaped seedheads appear in late spring and summer. They form at the top of wiry stalks over 30 cm long. They start as an olive green colour, but dry to a light brown. The seed itself is much like a parasol in appearance, and is around 5mm across. Germination is slow and unreliable and requires warm temperatures.

    Leaves are smooth and of a bright, light green. Plants like sunny positions and generally grow in sunny, open mallee forests. Plants form tall dense tussocks to a maximum of only 20 cm across. They die down in late summer, before reshooting when the rains return.

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