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    Myosotis arvensis: Brief Summary
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    Myosotis arvensis or field forget-me-not is a herbaceous annual to short lived perennial flowering plant in the family Boraginaceae.

    Stace:564 describes this plant as having the following characteristics:

    Upright, to 40 cm; softly hairy, with hairs at more-or-less right-angles to the stem. Flowers grey-blue, 3-5mm across, saucer shaped in profile; sepal tube with hooked hairs; April–October.:208 Mature fruit dark brown, shiny. Mature calyx on spreading stalks longer than sepal tube; calyx teeth conceal the ripe fruit. Basal leaves stalked, in a rosette; upper leaves not stalked. Generally found on open, well drained ground; common throughout the British Isles.

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