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European Olive

Olea europaea L.

Scientific Names

Accepted Names

Olea europaea L.
Recognized by EOL Dynamic Hierarchy Reference taxon: Olea europaea L. according to The Plant List with literature via Roderic D. M. Page /Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)
Olea europaea
Recognized by Flickr BHL, iNaturalist, South Atlantic Species List, USDA Plants data, Afghanistan Species List, Indian Ocean Species List, North Pacific Species List, South Pacific Species List, North Atlantic Species List, The Netherlands Species List, Somalia Species List, South Africa Species List, Swaziland Species List, Sweden Species List, Turkey Species List, United States Species List, Yemen Species List, Zimbabwe Species List, Taiwan Species List, Norfolk Island Species List, R union Species List, New Zealand Species List, Palestine Species List, Peru Species List, Saudi Arabia Species List, Portugal Species List, Puerto Rico Species List, Ireland Species List, Israel Species List, Italy Species List, Kenya Species List, Malawi Species List, Lebanon Species List, Lesotho Species List, Mexico Species List, Morocco Species List, Mozambique Species List, French Polynesia Species List, France Species List, Ethiopia Species List, Ecuador Species List, Germany Species List, Greece Species List, Bolivia Species List, Botswana Species List, Cyprus Species List, Democratic Republic of the Congo Species List, Croatia Species List, Colombia Species List, Albania Species List, Andorra Species List, Angola Species List, Azerbaijan Species List, Afghanistan Species List, Australia Species List, India Species List, Monaco Species List, Montenegro Species List, Oman Species List, Pakistan Species List, Namibia Species List, Barcode of Life Data Systems, Global Wood Density Database, Flickr Group, Wikimedia Commons, Wikimedia Commons, CalPhotos in DwC-A, Global Invasive Species Database, Syria Species List, TrekNature DwCA, Brazil Species List, China Species List, Japan Species List, Egypt Species List, Global Biotic Interactions, TrekNature DwCA, TRY summarized records, wikipedia 日本語, wikipedia 日本語, wikipedia 日本語, wikipedia 日本語, wikipedia 日本語, wikipedia 日本語, wikipedia 日本語, wikipedia 日本語, Wikidata, wikipedia Italiano, wikipedia Español, and Simpson et al 2018

Common Names


European Olive preferred
Recognized by Flickr Group
Recognized by Flickr Group
Recognized by Flickr Group and Simpson et al 2018
olive tree
Recognized by Wikidata
Recognized by Wikidata and USDA PLANTS images

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