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Carpobrotus quadrifidus L. Bolus

Brief Summary

    Carpobrotus quadrifidus: Brief Summary
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    Carpobrotus quadrifidus (commonly known as West-coast Sourfig, Weskus suurvy) is a succulent perennial of the family Aizoaceae, native to the west coast of South Africa.
    It has also been classed as Carpobrotus sauerae.

    The flowers of this Carpobrotus ("Sour-fig") species range in colour from bright pink to white, and are the largest flowers produced by any species in its Mesembryanthemaceae family. The flowers appear in spring.

     src= The distinctive leaves of the West-coast Sourfig.

    Its leaves are grey in colour. They are also stout, straight and have an isosceles triangle shape to their cross-section.

    Their natural habitat is the low-lying coastal strip along the west coast of South Africa, as far south as Saldanha. Its fruits are edible and are grazed by tortoises and other southern African animals.

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