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provided by Catalog of Hymenoptera in America North of Mexico
The members of this subfamily develop as gall makers within the fruits of figs, Ficus spp. As Hill (1967) has stated, "Pollination of fig flowers is effected through a unique symbiotic association with chalcid wasps. No other means of pollination is available to the plant, and in their turn the wasps cannot develop anywhere except in the gall flowers of the figs.
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Catalog of Hymenoptera in America North of Mexico. 1979. Prepared cooperatively by specialists on the various groups of Hymenoptera under the direction of Karl V. Krombein and Paul D. Hurd, Jr., Smithsonian Institution, and David R. Smith and B. D. Burks, Systematic Entomology Laboratory, Insect Identification and Beneficial Insect Introduction Institute. Science and Education Administration, United States Department of Agriculture.