Psorodendron kingii

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Psorodendron kingii (S. Wats.) Rydberg
Dalea Kingii S. Wats. Bot. King's Expl. 64. 1871. Parosela Kingii A. Heller, Cat. N. Am. PI. ed. 2. 6. 1900.
A divaricately branched, spinescent, and flexuose undershrub, with a creeping rootstock; stems 1-3 dm. high; branches yellowish-green, sparingly strigose and conspicuously glandulardotted; leaves divaricate, 2-4 cm. long, strigose or in age glabrate; leaflets 3-9, oval or elliptic, 6-12 mm. long, obtuse at each end; racemes mostly 1 -flowered, the rachis produced and spinescent; bracts and bractlets subulate, about 1 mm. long; calyx sparingly strigose, conspicuously glandular-dotted; tube elongate-turbinate, 4 mm. long; lobes 2 mm. long, acute, the upper two broadly triangular, the others lanceolate; corolla bluish-purple; petals nearly equal, the blades about 4 mm. long, the claws 2 mm. long; blade of the banner broadly obcordate, those of the other petals obliquely obovate, with large rounded basal lobes; pod pubescent.
Typb locality: Drifted sand. Hot Spring Mountains, Nevada.
Distribution: Northern Nevada.
bibliographic citation
Per Axel Rydberg. 1919. (ROSALES); FABACEAE; PSORALEAE. North American flora. vol 24(1). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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