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Alpine Springbeauty

Claytonia megarhiza var. bellidifolia (Rydb.) C. L. Hitchc.

Comprehensive Description

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Claytonia bellidifolia Rydberg, sp. aov
Perennial, with a taproot 1-1.5 cm. thick; stems numerous, 2 S cm long, flesh
'. em. long, the petiole longer than the blade, scartous-dilated a' 'I" 1 base, the blade broadly oblanceolate or spatulate, l I 9 cm wide, I ribbed, pinnate l> veined with a faint or obsolete marginal vein; tern-leaves .' 01 rarelj tuboppo ite, • lf > nun
ial, linear, with nflori 1 rymbifortn, bracteol
I S mm. long, 1 patulate, rounded at the apex, about
7 mm. lot Old, about J mm long; seeds black and shining, 2 nun long,
;.i 1iol.1t. 1 nninerviu; lolia cauli
■ t mountain
bibliographic citation
Percy Wilson, Per Axel Rydberg. 1932. CHENOPODIALES. North American flora. vol 21(4). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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