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    Braulidae: Brief Summary
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    Braulidae, or bee louse, is a family of fly (Diptera) with seven species in two genera, Braula and Megabraula. Found in honey bee colonies, these most unusual wingless and small flies, are not a true bee parasite, and are barely recognizable as Diptera, as they have the superficial appearance of mites or lice.

    Brief Summary
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    Small flies, convex, ovoid and heavily sclerotized, without wings,
    halteres, and scutellum; length ranging from about 1.5-1.7 mm. Head
    short; eyespots minute and without ocelli. Claws modified, comb-like.
    Abdomen with six pleural sclerites; body covered generally with numerous
    stiff setae. Immature stages live in wax combs of honey bees and adults
    attach themselves to adult honey bees. (Peterson 1987, Papp 1998)

    From the Diptera Site, 2011

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