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Vetigastropoda Salvini-Plawen 1980

Brief Summary

    Vetigastropoda: Brief Summary
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     src= The fossil vetigastropod Discohelix tunisiensis from the Matmor Formation (Middle Jurassic) of southern Israel.

    Vetigastropoda is a major taxonomic group of sea snails, marine gastropod mollusks that form a very ancient lineage. Taxonomically the Vetigastropoda are sometimes treated as an order, although they are a clade in Bouchet and Rocroi, 2005.

    Vetigastropods are considered to be among the most primitive living gastropods, and are widely distributed in all oceans of the world. Their habitats range from the deep sea to intertidal zones. Many have shells with slits or other secondary openings. One of their main characteristics is the presence of intersected crossed platy shell structure. Most vetigastropods have some bilateral asymmetry of their organ systems.

Comprehensive Description


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    Established as a suborder of the order Archaeogastropoda, containing the superfamilies Macluritoidea, Pleurotomarioidea, Cocculinoidea, Trochoidea, and ?Murchisonioidea. Used by Ponder & Lindberg (1997: 185) for an unranked clade containing Fissurelloidea, Seguenzioidea, Trochoidea, Lepetelloidea, Bellerophontoidea, Pleurotomarioidea, Haliotoidea, Scissurelloidea, and Lepetodriloidea (but not Peltospiridae, Neomphalidae, and Melanodrymia). Vetigastropoda would be rendered paraphyletic if Colgan et al. (2003) are correct in proposing Patellogastropoda as a derived clade of some Vetigastropoda. There has been much recent movement around Vetigastropod phylogeny, especially Kano (2008: Zoologica Scripta 37, 1-21) and Wiilliams, Karube & Ozawa (2008: Zoologica Scripta 37, 483-506). Their conclusions should be followed, some of them were already foreseen in Bouchet & Warén (2005). Mainly, the distribution of traditional Trochoideans in families and subfamilies may be updated with these results.