Scientific Names


Cicada smaragdula Fallén 1806
Cicadula smaragdula
Cicadula (Kybos) smaragdula
Cybus smaragdulus Douglas & J. W. 1875
Empoasca ameragdula Bird & R. D. 1930
Empoasca smaragdula
Empoasca (Kybos) smaragdula
Eupteryx smargadula Bold 1867
Eupteryx viridipes Curtis 1829
Eupteryx viridipes Curtis 1837
Jassus longeciliatus Snellen van Vollenhoven 1862
Kybos smaragdula
Kybos smaragdulus Fieber 1866
Typhlocyba smaragdula

Common Names

There are no common names associated with this taxon.

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