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The Neoteleostei is a large clade of bony fish that includes the Ateleopodidae (jellynoses), Aulopiformes (lizardfish), Myctophiformes (lanternfish), Polymixiiformes (beardfish), Percopsiformes (Troutperches), Gadiformes (cods), Zeiformes (dories), Lampriformes (oarfish, opah, ribbonfish), and the populous clade of the Acanthopterygii which includes the Beryciformes (squirrelfish) and the Percomorpha (a large number of families such as the tuna, seahorses, gobies, cichlids, flatfish, wrasse, perches, anglerfish, pufferfish).[1][2][3][4]

Neoteleostei Ateleopodia

Ateleopodidae (jellynoses) Ijimaia plicatellus1.jpg

  Eurypterygia Aulopa

Aulopiformes (lizardfish) Aulopus filamentosus.jpg

  Ctenosquamata Scopelomorpha

Myctophiformes (lanternfish) Myctophum punctatum1.jpg

Acanthomorpha   Lampripterygii

Lampriformes (oarfish, opah, ribbonfish) Moonfish 600.jpg


Percopsiformes (troutperches) Percopsis omiscomaycus.jpg


Zeiformes (dories) Zeus faber.jpg


Stylephoriformes (tube-eyes, thread-fins)


Gadiformes (cods) Atlantic cod.jpg


Polymixiiformes (beardfish) Polymixia nobilis.jpg

Acanthopterygii   Berycimorphaceae  

Beryciformes (alfonsinos; whalefishes)


Trachichthyiformes (pinecone fishes & slimeheads) Anoplogaster cornuta.jpg


Holocentriformes (squirrelfish; soldier fishes)


Percomorpha (tuna, seahorses, gobies, cichlids, flatfish, wrasse, perches, anglerfish, pufferfish, etc) Scomber scombrus.png



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