Scientific Names

Alternative Names

Lagoa ornata Druce 1887
Megalopyge albizona Dognin 1923
Megalopyge bissesa Dyar 1910
Megalopyge briseis Dyar 1910
Megalopyge costaricensis Schaus 1912
Megalopyge govana Schaus 1904
Megalopyge incachaca Schaus 1927
Pimela lanuginosa Clemens 1860
Megalopyge opercularis (Smith 1797)
Recognized by NCBI

Common Names


Southern Flannel Moth preferred
Recognized by Wikidata, edith, and admin
Donald Trump Caterpillar
Recognized by Ko1yess and admin


كفلاء غطائية preferred
Recognized by Wikidata
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