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Phrynobatrachus Günther 1862

Brief Summary

    Phrynobatrachus: Brief Summary
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    Phrynobatrachus is a genus of Sub-Saharan frogs that form the monogeneric family Phrynobatrachidae. Their common name is puddle frogs, dwarf puddle frogs, African puddle frogs, or African river frogs. The common name, puddle frog, refers to the fact that many species breed in temporary waterbodies such as puddles.

    Phrynobatrachus are among the most common amphibians in Africa. They are typically small (mostly less than 30 mm (1.2 in)), fast-moving frogs. They occupy a variety of habitats from dry savannas to rainforests. Most species deposit many small eggs as a surface clutch in standing or slowly moving water and have exotrophic tadpoles.

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