Large-eared tenrec (Geogale aurita)
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The large-eared tenrec occurs in subtropical or tropical dry deciduous and gallery forests, spiny bush and subtropical or tropical dry shrubland in north-western, western and southern Madagascar with its easternmost occurrence in south-eastern Madagascar. It has been captured in open savanna (many kilometres from forests). It undergoes daily and seasonal torpor and is not active in austral winter. It is adaptable to some habitat disturbance and is kless dependent on forests than was thought. [1] It is a termite specialist and could be reliant on termite mounds even if there are no forest. It has been recorded from over five protected areas including Ankarafantsika, Andohahela and Zombitse National Parks, Beza-Mahafaly Special Reserve and Tsimanampetsotsa RNI. It has also been found in the private concession of Kirindy CFPF. It is not known from many sites, but probably occurs in appropriate habitat in between known localities. It was not found during a survey of the environs of Fénérive by Rakotondravony and colleagues in 1998. It is rated Least Concern, but is threatened by habitat loss.[2] Its remains are commonly found in owl pellets at some sites.

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