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Heteropia glomerosa (Bowerbank 1873)

Scientific Names

Accepted Names

Heteropia glomerosa (Bowerbank 1873)
Recognized by EOL Dynamic Hierarchy Reference taxon: Heteropia glomerosa (Bowerbank 1873) according to World Register of Marine Species via Bowerbank, J.S. 1873a. Contributions to a General History of the Spongiadae. Part IV. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 1873: 3-25, pls I-IV.
Heteropia glomerosa
Heteropia glomerosa (Bowerbank 1873)


Heteropia simplex Row ex Dendy & Row 1913
Leuconia glomerosa Bowerbank 1873
Sycettusa glomerosa (Bowerbank 1873)

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Recognized by Simpson et al 2018

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