Scientific Names

Accepted Names

Rana temporaria
Recognized by EOL Dynamic Hierarchy Reference taxon: Rana temporaria according to EOL Amphibia Patch
Rana temporaria
Recognized by Flickr BHL, iNaturalist, United Kingdom Species List, Arctic Amphibians and Reptiles, North Atlantic Species List, The Netherlands Species List, Slovakia Species List, Slovenia Species List, South Korea Species List, Sweden Species List, Switzerland Species List, Ukraine Species List, North Korean Species List, Poland Species List, Romania Species List, Isle of Man Species List, Ireland Species List, Italy Species List, Kazakhstan Species List, Luxembourg Species List, Latvia Species List, Lithuania Species List, Mexico Species List, Guernsey Species List, France Species List, Hungary Species List, Finland Species List, Estonia Species List, Georgia Species List, Germany Species List, Greece Species List, Belarus Species List, Belgium Species List, Bosnia and Herzegovina Species List, Bulgaria Species List, Czech Republic Species List, Croatia Species List, Andorra Species List, Austria Species List, Denmark Species List, Moldova Species List, Norway Species List, Barcode of Life Data Systems, AnAge, Flickr Group, Wikimedia Commons, Wikimedia Commons, CalPhotos in DwC-A, BioImages, the virtual fieldguide, UK, literature body sizes metazoa, Wildfinder (WWF), China Species List, Japan Species List, Russia Species List, Global Biotic Interactions, Global Biotic Interactions, wikipedia 日本語, wikipedia 日本語, wikipedia 日本語, wikipedia 日本語, wikipedia 日本語, wikipedia 日本語, wikipedia 日本語, wikipedia 日本語, AnAge articles, Wikidata, wikipedia Italiano, and wikipedia Español
Rana temporaria Linnaeus 1758

Common Names


European Common Frog preferred
Recognized by Flickr BHL and Wikidata
European frog
Recognized by AnAge
European Frog
Recognized by Flickr Group
Rana bermeja
Recognized by Flickr Group
Common frog
Recognized by Wikidata

Spanish; Castilian

Rana Bermeja
Recognized by Wikidata

Recognized as part of the following resource hierarchies:

Andorra Species List

Arctic Amphibians and Reptiles

Austria Species List

Barcode of Life Data Systems

Belarus Species List

Belgium Species List

BioImages, the virtual fieldguide, UK

Bosnia and Herzegovina Species List

Bulgaria Species List

CalPhotos in DwC-A

Rana temporaria (this page)

China Species List

Croatia Species List

Czech Republic Species List

Denmark Species List

Environments EOL

Estonia Species List

Finland Species List

Flickr BHL

European Common Frog (this page)

Flickr Group

Rana temporaria (this page)

France Species List

Georgia Species List

Germany Species List

Global Biotic Interactions

Global Biotic Interactions

Rana temporaria (this page)

Greece Species List

Guernsey Species List

Hungary Species List

Ireland Species List

Isle of Man Species List

Italy Species List

Japan Species List

Kazakhstan Species List

Latvia Species List

literature body sizes metazoa

Lithuania Species List

Luxembourg Species List

Mexico Species List

Moldova Species List

North Atlantic Species List

Rana temporaria (this page)

North Korean Species List

Norway Species List

Poland Species List

Romania Species List

Russia Species List

Slovakia Species List

Slovenia Species List

South Korea Species List

Sweden Species List

Switzerland Species List

The Netherlands Species List

Ukraine Species List

United Kingdom Species List

Rana temporaria (this page)

Wildfinder (WWF)