Brief Summary

    Alvarado's salamander: Brief Summary
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    Alvarado's salamander or Moravia de Chirripo salamander (Bolitoglossa alvaradoi) is a species of salamander in the family Plethodontidae.

    It is endemic to Costa Rica. Its natural habitat is lowland moist and wet forests and premontane rainforests. This species is extremely rarely seen so its population status in unknown, but its habitat is threatened by habitat loss and it is classified as "Endangered".

Comprehensive Description


    Distribution and Habitat
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    Bolitoglossa alvaradoi is a rarely seen arboreal nocturnal salamander presumed to live in forest canopies where it makes use of bromeliad microhabitats (Wake 1987) . Alvarado's salamander is found only in several fragmented populations on the Atlantic slopes of Costa Rica in moist or wet lowland forests and premontane rainforests, at elevation ranges from 700 to 1,150 m (2300 to 3750 ft).(Savage 2002; Leenders 2001)


    Life History, Abundance, Activity, and Special Behaviors
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    According to the Global Amphibian Assessment, B. alvaradoi is considered endangered on the basis of a fragmented population covering less than 5000 square kilometers. There is also evidence of a decrease in habitat quality and subsequent population decline due to smallholder farming and wood extraction.