Scientific Names

Unusable Names

Arctomys ludoviciana


Cynomys arizonensis
Cynomys cinereus
Cynomys grisea
Cynomys meadensis
Cynomys pyrrotrichus
Cynomys socialis
Monax missouriensis

Common Names


Black-tailed Prairie Dog preferred
Recognized by PlanetScott, Flickr Group, and Wikidata
Black-tailed prairie dog
Recognized by AnAge and Wikidata
Black-Tailed Praire Dog
Recognized by Flickr Group
black-tailed prairie dog
Arizona Black-tailed Prairie Dog
Recognized by Wikidata
Plains Prairie Dog
Recognized by Wikidata


Recognized by Wikidata

Spanish; Castilian

perro de la pradera cola negra
Recognized by Conabio

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Cynomys ludovicianus (this page)

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