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Recognized by EOL Dynamic Hierarchy Reference taxon: Proteobacteria according to EOL Dynamic Hierarchy Trunk
Recognized by iNaturalist, Turkmenistan, United Kingdom Species List, South Atlantic Species List, Indian Ocean Species List, Southern Ocean Species List, North Pacific Species List, South Pacific Species List, North Atlantic Species List, North Sea Species List, Greenland Sea Species List, English Channel Species List, Adriatic Sea Species List, Balearic Sea Species List, Chukchi Sea Species List, Persian Gulf Species List, Arabian Sea Species List, Laccadive Sea Species List, Bay of Bengal Species List, Malacca Strait Species List, Great Australian Bight Species List, Inner Seas off the West Coast of Scotland Species, Gulf of Mexico Species List, Philippine Sea Species List, Eastern China Sea Species List, Yellow Sea Species List, Sea of Japan Species List, Sea of Okhostk Species List, Gulf of California Species List, South China Sea Species List, Singapore Strait Species List, Solomon Sea Species List, Tasman Sea Species List, United States Species List, Taiwan Species List, Java Sea Species List, Mexico Species List, Myanmar Species List, Finland Species List, Ecuador Species List, Indonesia Species List, Gulf of Guinea Species List, Guinea Bissau Species List, Colombia Species List, Coral Sea Species List, Bass Strait Species List, Bay of Biscay Species List, Australia Species List, NMNH Invertebrate Zoology, Flickr Group, Flickr Group, Wikimedia Commons, Wikimedia Commons, BioImages, the virtual fieldguide, UK, Global Invasive Species Database, CABI Invasive Species Compendium, Brazil Species List, Canada Species List, China Species List, Japan Species List, Philippines Species List, Russia Species List, Global Biotic Interactions, Global Biotic Interactions, wikipedia 日本語, wikipedia 日本語, wikipedia 日本語, wikipedia 日本語, wikipedia 日本語, wikipedia 日本語, wikipedia 日本語, wikipedia 日本語, Wikidata, wikipedia Italiano, wikipedia Español, World Register of Marine Species, The Paleobiology Database, Environments EOL, and Environments EOL

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Purple Bacteria & relatives
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Adriatic Sea Species List

Arabian Sea Species List

Balearic Sea Species List

Bass Strait Species List

Bay of Bengal Species List

Bay of Biscay Species List

BioImages, the virtual fieldguide, UK

Canada Species List

Chukchi Sea Species List

Coral Sea Species List

Eastern China Sea Species List

English Channel Species List

Environments EOL

Proteobacteria (this page)

Environments EOL

Proteobacteria (this page)

Finland Species List

Flickr Group

Proteobacteria (this page)

Global Invasive Species Database

Great Australian Bight Species List

Greenland Sea Species List

Guinea Bissau Species List

Gulf of California Species List

Gulf of Guinea Species List

Gulf of Mexico Species List

Indian Ocean Species List

Indonesia Species List

Inner Seas off the West Coast of Scotland Species

Java Sea Species List

Laccadive Sea Species List

Malacca Strait Species List

Myanmar Species List

NMNH Invertebrate Zoology

North Sea Species List

Persian Gulf Species List

Philippine Sea Species List

Sea of Japan Species List

Sea of Okhostk Species List

Singapore Strait Species List

Solomon Sea Species List

South China Sea Species List

Southern Ocean Species List

Tasman Sea Species List

The Paleobiology Database

Wikimedia Commons

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Yellow Sea Species List