Brief Summary

    Sepia short-tailed opossum: Brief Summary
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    The sepia short-tailed opossum (Monodelphis adusta) is a species of opossum in the family Didelphidae found in Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela.

    Its habitat consists of different types of forests up to 2200 meters above sea level, as well as grasslands. These areas have about 5 m annual rainfall, so they find ways to remain above the water. The opossum hunts invertebrates on the ground, but remains of beetles and small frogs have also been seen. They are nocturnal and live in tree holes.

    The species has dark brown fur and is distinct from other members of its genus by having no streaks on its trunk.

Comprehensive Description

Life Expectancy

    Lifespan, longevity, and ageing
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    Maximum longevity: 4.1 years (captivity) Observations: One specimen lived 4.1 years in captivity (Richard Weigl 2005).