Description of Chlamydonella

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Chlamydodontid ciliates, if grooved, only on right; somatic kineties forming four preoral arcs of which two appear separated from posterior kineties. Dorso-ventrally flattened with dorsal surface strongly arched. Somatic ciliation reduced to ventral surface with a short field of cilia just on the left of the anterior dorsal surface. Oral aperture supported by basket of trichites. On the right of the ventral surface there are several kineties of which 2 curve around the apex. The extreme right kinety is discontinuous in two parts, one in the equator the other just dorsally on the extreme left of the apex. Below the oral aperture is the left field of kineties (10 or more) which traverse the body width. The arrangement of the pre-oral ciliature is a major characteristic of the genus, the kinety just in front of the oral aperture is always Y-shaped and above it lies a second pre-oral kinety which is simply curved. Macronucleus large, centrally located. There are 2 contractile vacuoles, one anterior, one posterior.
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