Scientific Names

Accepted Names

Uromastyx geyri
Recognized by EOL Dynamic Hierarchy Reference taxon: Uromastyx geyri according to Catalogue of Life via Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)
Uromastyx geyri L. Müller 1922
Uromastyx geyri Müller 1922
Recognized by Environments EOL and ReptileDB


Uromastix geyri Müller 1922
Recognized by ReptileDB
Uromastyx acanthinurus geyri
Recognized by ReptileDB and ReptileDB
Uromastyx geyri
Recognized by ReptileDB, ReptileDB, and ReptileDB
Uromastyx temporalis Valenciennes 1854
Recognized by ReptileDB

Common Names


Sahara mastigure
Recognized by Paleobiology Database
Geyr’s Spiny-tailed Lizard
Recognized by ReptileDB
Sahara Mastigure
Recognized by ReptileDB
Saharan spiny-tailed lizard
Recognized by Wikidata


Geyrs Dornschwanzagame
Recognized by ReptileDB

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