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Viola grypoceras A. Gray

Scientific Names


Viola canina var. japonica Ging. ex DC.
Viola coreana Boiss.
Viola grayi var. candida H. Boissieu
Viola grayi var. glabra W. Becker
Viola grypoceras fm. albiflora Nakai
Viola grypoceras fm. chionantha F. Maek.
Viola grypoceras var. barbata W. Becker
Viola grypoceras var. hirsuta Fu & Q. H. Liu
Viola grypoceras var. imberbis (A. Gray) Ohwi
Viola hideoi var. robustior Nakai
Viola hosoii Nakai
Viola leveillei H. de Boiss.
Viola longepedunculata Franch. & Sav.
Viola sylvestris var. acaulis Miq.
Viola sylvestris var. grypoceras (A. Gray) Maxim.
Viola sylvestris var. imberbis A. Gray
Viola sylvestris var. japonica (Ging.) Makino
Viola wichurae Nakai
Viola grypoceras A. Gray
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Common Names

There are no common names associated with this taxon.

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