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(from Allan Hancock Pacific expeditions vol. 1 1943)

Family Emplectonematidae

Five genera found on the Pacific coast are included in this family.

Key to Genera

1. Parasitic on crabs; cerebral sense organs absent; proboscis rudimentary and accessory stylet pouches absent....Carcinonemertes
1. Free living; cerebral sense organs present; proboscis with 2 or more pouches of accessory stylets....2

2. Head with numerous small ocelli or with a small cluster on each side of proboscis opening....3
2. Head with 4 ocelli.....4

3. Body very slender; proboscis sheath less than half as long as body; proboscis with only 2 or occasionally 3 pouches of accessory stylets....Emplectonema
3. Body only moderately slender; proboscis sheath 1/2 to 3/4 as long as body; proboscis with 2, 4, or 6 pouches of accessory stylets....Paranemertes

4. Body filiform; ocelli large....Nemertopsis
4. Body firm and only moderately slender; ocelli very small....Dichonemertes

Ritger, Rebecca
Ritger, Rebecca
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