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Marginellidae, or the margin shells, are a taxonomic family of small, often colorful, sea snails, marine gastropod molluscs in the clade Neogastropoda.


The higher classification of the family Marginellidae has long been in a state of confusion. Many popular works still treat all members of this family under the single genus Marginella, basing them primarily on superficial similarities of the shell.

The confusion over the classification stems from the fact that the earlier classifications were based rather crudely on shell characters. Although many good differential shell characters do exist within this group, those characters were generally misinterpreted or not recognized as significant. Such information as did exist on the radulae and the external anatomy of the living animals was widely scattered in the scientific literature, and internal anatomical descriptions were not available until fairly recently.

Shell description

The shell of Marginellidae is usually small, but varies in different species from minute to medium-sized. The external color of the shell can be white, cream, yellow, orange, red, or brown, and can be uniformly colored, or patterned in various ways. The protoconch is paucispiral. The lip of the shell is thickened, and can be smooth or denticulate. An external varix may be present or absent, a siphonal notch may be present or absent. The columella may have 2-6 plications. The operculum is absent in this family.


Abbreviations and conventions:

  • (M) - original designation by monotype
  • OD - original designation
  • OD (M) - original designation as type species, but also monotypic
  • SD - subsequent designation as type
  • SD (M) - subsequent designation as type species, but also monotypic
  • T - original designation by tautonomy

In the systematic, the following sequence is used for each generic synonym:

  • Genus in original combination, followed by author, year, page number(s)
  • Designation of type species followed by author, year, page number(s)
  • Reference only to Type species

Marginellidae Fleming, 1828:328

Subfamily Granulininae: This subfamily was originally placed in family Cystiscidae by Coovert & Coovert (1995)[2] but placed back in Marginellidae, following La Perna (1999) and based on the morphology of living animals.

Subfamily MARGINELLONINAE Coan 1965:186,191

Genus Afrivoluta Tomlin, 1947:244
Afrivoluta pringlei Tomlin, 1947; OD (M)
Genus Marginellona Martens, 1904
Marginella (M.) gigas Martens, 1904; (M)
Subfamily MARGINELLINAE Fleming, 1828:328
Genus Caribeginella Espinosa & Ortea, 1998
Genus † Myobarbum Sohl, 1963
Tribe AUSTROGINELLINI Coovert and Coovert, 1995:80
"Serrata Group"
Genus † Conuginella Laseron, 1957:288
Marginella inermis Tate, 1878 †; OD (M)
Genus Serrata Jousseaume, 1875:167
Serrata serrata (Gaskoin, 1849), = Marginella serrata Gaskoin, 1849;T
Genus Serrataginella Coovert and Coovert, 1995:82
Marginella spryi (Clover, 1974), OD (M)
Genus Stromboginella Laseron, 1957:289
Marginella crassidens Chapman and Crespin,1928 †; OD (M)
Genus Hydroginella Laseron, 1957:284
Hydroginella dispersa Laseron, 1957; OD (M)
"Austroginella Group"
Genus † Mioginella Laseron, 1957:287
Marginella regula Cotton, 1949 †; OD (M)
Apertural view of Austroginella tasmanica
Genus Protoginella Laseron, 1957:285
Marginella lavigata Brazier, 1877, = Marginella (Prunum) lavigata Brazier, 1877; OD (M)
Genus † Nudifaba Eames, 1952:122
Marginella (N.) rakhiensis Eames, 1952 †; OD (M)
Genus Alaginella Laseron, 1957:286
Marginella ochracea Angas, 1871; OD
Genus † Hiwia Marwick, 1931:129
Marginella (Hiwia) amplificata Marwick, 1931 †; OD (M)
Genus Austroginella Laseron, 1957:285
Austroginella formicula (Lamarck, 1822)
Austroginella georgiana (May, 1915)
Austroginella johnstoni (Petterd, 1884)
Austroginella muscaria Lamarck, 1822; OD
Austroginella praetermissa (May, 1916)
Austroginella queenslandica (Laseron, 1957)
Austroginella tasmanica (Tenison-Woods, 1876)
Austroginella translucida (G.B. Sowerby II, 1846)
Genus Mesoginella Laseron, 1957:282
Marginella turbinata G. B. Sowerby II, 1846; OD (M)
Genus Closia Gray, 1857:36
Closia sarda (Kiener, 1834), = Marginella sarda Kiener, 1834; M
Genus Ovaginella Laseron, 1957
Ovaginella ovulum (G. B. Sowerby II, 1846)
Genus Balanetta Jousseaume, 1875
Balanetta baylei Jousseaume, 1875; M
Tribe PRUNINI Coovert and Coovert, 1995:80
Genus Volvarina Hinds, 1844:75
Marginella nitida Hinds, 1844, = Marginella (Volvarina) nitida Hinds, 1844, = Voluta mitrella Risso, 1826; SD Redfield, 1870:221
Genus Prunum Herrmannsen, 1852:113
Voluta prunum Gmelin, 1791; M
Genus Bullata Jousseaume, 1875:167, 250
Bullata bullata (Born, 1778), = Voluta bullata Born, 1778; T
Genus Rivomarginella Brandt, 1968:275
Genus Cryptospira Hinds, 1844:76
Marginella tricincta Hinds, 1844, = Marginella (Cryptospira) tricincta Hinds, 1844; SD (M) Gray, 1847:142
Genus Hyalina Schumacher, 1817:234
Hyalina pellucida Schumacher, 1817, = Bulla pallida Linné, 1758; M
Tribe MARGINELLINI Fleming, 1828:328
Genus † Stazzania Sacco, 1890a:138
Marginella (Stazzania) emarginata Sismonda, 1847, = Marginella emarginata Sismonda, 1847 †; M
Genus Dentimargo Cossmann, 1899:90
'Marginella dentifera Lamarck, 1803 †; OD
Genus Eratoidea Weinkauff, 1879:140
Marginella margarita Kiener, 1834; SD Cossmann, 1899:87
Genus † Euryentome Cossmann, 1899:95
Marginella crassilabra Conrad, 1833 (non Marginella crassilabar Bory de St. Vincent, 1827), = Marginella silabra Palmer, 1937 (nom. nov.), = Marginella aratina Lea, 1833 †; OD
Genus † Simplicoglabella Sacco, 1890b:21
Marginella (Glabella) taurinensis Michelotti, 1847 †; SD (M)
Genus Marginella Lamarck, 1799:70
Voluta glabella Linné, 1758; M
Genus Glabella Swainson, 1840:133
Voluta faba Linné, 1758; SD (M) Gray, 1847:142


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Marginellidae: Brief Summary

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Marginellidae, or the margin shells, are a taxonomic family of small, often colorful, sea snails, marine gastropod molluscs in the clade Neogastropoda.

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