Scientific Names

Preferred Names

Scolops pungens (Germar 1830)
Scolops pungens
Scolops pungens (Germar 1830)

Alternative Names

Dictyophara pungens Walker 1851
Dictyophora pungens Walker 1851
Dyctiophora pungens Dohrn 1859
Flata pungens Germar 1830
Pseudaphana pungens Westwood 1839
Pseudophana pungens Burmeister 1835
Scolops desiccatus Uhler 1900
Scolops parvulus Metcalf 1923
Scolops spurcus Uhler 1900
Scolops pungens (Germar 1830)
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Common Names

There are no common names associated with this taxon.

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