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    Brzanka Stoliczki: Brief Summary ( Polish )
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    Brzanka Stoliczki (Pethia stoliczkana) – gatunek słodkowodnej ryby z rodziny karpiowatych (Cyprinidae).

    Pethia stoliczkana: Brief Summary ( Italian )
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    Pethia stoliczkana (Day, 1871) è un pesce osseo d'acqua dolce appartenente alla famiglia Cyprinidae.

    Pethia stoliczkana: Brief Summary
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    Pethia stoliczkana is a freshwater tropical cyprinid fish native to the upper Mekong, Salwen, Irrawaddy, Meklong and upper Charo Phraya basins in the countries of Nepal, India, Pakistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Laos, Thailand, China and Sri Lanka.

    P. stoliczkana is silver-green with a vertically elongated black blotch behind the gill opening, and a vertically elongated black blotch on the caudal peduncle. The dorsal fin of a sexually active male is red with a black margin and two rows of black spots. It has no barbels and the last simple dorsal ray is serrated posteriorly. It grows to a maximum length of 5 centimetres (2.0 in) SL.

    P. stoliczkana is of commercial importance in the fish keeping industry and is used to create hybrid variants of tiger barbs and other barbs.

    This fish is one of many barbs undergoing revisions in their taxonomic classification. This species is frequently confused with P. ticto, the Ticto barb or twospot barb, a related and similar species from the same geographic region.

    Pethia stoliczkana: Brief Summary ( Vietnamese )
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    Cá đòng đong Stoliczkana (Danh pháp khoa học: Pethia stoliczkana) là một loài cá nước ngọt nhiệt đới thuộc họ Cyprinid có nguồn gốc thượng lưu sông Mekong, Salwen, Irrawaddy và trên lưu vực Charo Phraya ở các nước Nepal, Ấn Độ, Pakistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Lào, Thái Lan và Sri Lanka.

    Puntius stoliczkanus: Brief Summary ( Spanish; Castilian )
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    Puntius stoliczkanus es una especie de peces de la familia de los Cyprinidae en el orden de los Cypriniformes.

    Puntius stoliczkanus: Brief Summary ( Catalan; Valencian )
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    Puntius stoliczkanus és una espècie de peix de la família dels ciprínids i de l'ordre dels cipriniformes.

    Sonnenfleckbarbe: Brief Summary ( German )
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    Die Sonnenfleckbarbe (Pethia stoliczkana, Syn.: Puntius stoliczkanus) ist ein Süßwasserfisch aus der Familie der Karpfenfische (Cyprinidae). Ihr Verbreitungsgebiet umfasst das Stromgebiet des Irrawaddy, des Saluen und den Inlesee in Birma, das Flussgebiet des oberen Mekong und des oberen Mae Nam Chao Phraya in Thailand und Laos. Das Art-Epitheton stoliczkanus wurde zu Ehren des Sammlers der Typusexemplare Ferdinand Stoliczka vergeben.

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