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Arrow Worms


Scientific Names

Accepted Names

Recognized by EOL Dynamic Hierarchy Reference taxon: Chaetognatha according to EOL Dynamic Hierarchy Trunk
Recognized by Arctic Register of Marine Species, Sulu Sea Species List, Timor Sea Species List, White Sea Species List, United Kingdom Species List, South Atlantic Species List, Indian Ocean Species List, Arctic Ocean Species List, Southern Ocean Species List, North Pacific Species List, South Pacific Species List, North Atlantic Species List, North Sea Species List, Celtic Sea Species List, Norwegian Sea Species List, Greenland Sea Species List, Irish Sea Species List, Kattegat Species List, Skagerrak Species List, English Channel Species List, Bristol Channel Species List, Laptev Sea Species List, Kara Sea Species List, Barents Sea Species List, Davis Strait Species List, Baffin Bay Species List, Beaufort Sea Species List, Chukchi Sea Species List, Mozambique Channel Species List, Gulf of Aden Species List, Persian Gulf Species List, Arabian Sea Species List, Laccadive Sea Species List, Inner Seas off the West Coast of Scotland Species, Caribbean Sea Species List, Gulf of Mexico Species List, Bay of Fundy Species List, Gulf of St Lawrence Species List, Labrador Sea Species List, Philippine Sea Species List, Eastern China Sea Species List, Yellow Sea Species List, Seto Inland Sea Species List, Sea of Japan Species List, Sea of Okhostk Species List, Bering Sea Species List, Gulf of Alaska Species List, Gulf of California Species List, South China Sea Species List, Solomon Sea Species List, Tasman Sea Species List, United States Species List, Northwestern Passages Species List, Makassar Strait Species List, Molukka Sea Species List, Mexico Species List, Ecuador Species List, Gulf of Tomini Species List, Indonesia Species List, Bay of Biscay Species List, Banda Sea Species List, Australia Species List, Herring, 1987, NMNH Invertebrate Zoology, Barcode of Life Data Systems, Wikimedia Commons, Wikimedia Commons, English Vernaculars for Landmark Taxa, Moorea Biocode, Appeltans et al, Brazil Species List, Canada Species List, China Species List, Greenland Species List, Japan Species List, Philippines Species List, Russia Species List, Global Biotic Interactions, Global Biotic Interactions, wikipedia 日本語, wikipedia 日本語, wikipedia 日本語, wikipedia 日本語, wikipedia 日本語, wikipedia 日本語, wikipedia 日本語, wikipedia 日本語, EOL staff, Wikidata, wikipedia Italiano, wikipedia Español, World Register of Marine Species, The Paleobiology Database, The Paleobiology Database, Environments EOL, Environments EOL, and Environments EOL

Common Names

Dutch; Flemish

Recognized by Wikidata


arrow worm





Spanish; Castilian




i18n: Deu

i18n: Fra

vers sagittaires

i18n: No


Recognized as part of the following resource hierarchies:

Appeltans et al

Chaetognatha (this page)

Arabian Sea Species List

Arctic Ocean Species List

Arctic Register of Marine Species

Australia Species List

Baffin Bay Species List

Banda Sea Species List

Barcode of Life Data Systems

Barents Sea Species List

Bay of Biscay Species List

Chaetognatha (this page)

Bay of Fundy Species List

Beaufort Sea Species List

Chaetognatha (this page)

Bering Sea Species List

Brazil Species List

Bristol Channel Species List

Chaetognatha (this page)

Canada Species List

Caribbean Sea Species List

Chaetognatha (this page)

Celtic Sea Species List

Chaetognatha (this page)

China Species List

Chukchi Sea Species List

Davis Strait Species List

Eastern China Sea Species List

Ecuador Species List

English Channel Species List

Chaetognatha (this page)

English Vernaculars for Landmark Taxa

arrow worms (this page)

Environments EOL

Chaetognatha (this page)

Environments EOL

Chaetognatha (this page)

EOL staff

Chaetognatha (this page)

Global Biotic Interactions

Global Biotic Interactions

Greenland Sea Species List

Greenland Species List

Gulf of Aden Species List

Chaetognatha (this page)

Gulf of Alaska Species List

Gulf of California Species List

Gulf of Mexico Species List

Gulf of St Lawrence Species List

Gulf of Tomini Species List

Indian Ocean Species List

Indonesia Species List

Inner Seas off the West Coast of Scotland Species

Chaetognatha (this page)

Irish Sea Species List

Chaetognatha (this page)

Kara Sea Species List

Chaetognatha (this page)

Kattegat Species List

Labrador Sea Species List

Laccadive Sea Species List

Laptev Sea Species List

Makassar Strait Species List

Mexico Species List

Molukka Sea Species List

Moorea Biocode

Chaetognatha (this page)

Mozambique Channel Species List

North Atlantic Species List

North Pacific Species List

North Sea Species List

Northwestern Passages Species List

Norwegian Sea Species List

Persian Gulf Species List

Chaetognatha (this page)

Philippine Sea Species List

Philippines Species List

Russia Species List

Sea of Japan Species List

Sea of Okhostk Species List

Seto Inland Sea Species List

Skagerrak Species List

Chaetognatha (this page)

Solomon Sea Species List

South Atlantic Species List

South China Sea Species List

South Pacific Species List

Southern Ocean Species List

Sulu Sea Species List

Timor Sea Species List

Chaetognatha (this page)

United Kingdom Species List

United States Species List

Chaetognatha (this page)

White Sea Species List

World Register of Marine Species

Yellow Sea Species List