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    Orthogeomys: Brief Summary
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    Orthogeomys is a genus of rodent in the family Geomyidae, found in Mexico, Central America and Colombia. Orthogeomys are a small genus of rodents commonly known as pocket gophers, though the term applies to all genera within the family Geomyidae. The name pocket gopher was earned for this family because of their fur lined cheek pouches that can be used for carrying food. These pouches can also be turned inside out. Species of Orthogeomys are regarded as pests, one of less than 5% of rodent species classified as pests, and the history of man's attempts to control their populations reaches back into Mayan times. Despite some efforts to the contrary, populations of Orthogeomys seem to be on a general upwards trend. Furthermore, all of the species of Orthogeomys are considered to be of Least Concern in the World Status Key.

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