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    Aeolosomatidae: Brief Summary
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    The Aeolosomatidae is a family of very small, aquatic annelid worms, the affinities of which are uncertain. About 30 species have been described in three genera. These worms are known as suction-feeding worms and occupy freshwater habitats.

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    Nowadays most people do not affiliate Aeolosomatidae + Potamodrilidae to Oligochaeta or Clitellata. They may be treated as a separate small class (or order?) Aphanoneura Vejdovsky, 1884 among the large paraphyletic group of Polychaeta = non-clitellate Annelida. As an exception, recently Christoffersen (2012) has treated Aphanoneura under Oligochaeta s. l. in his phylogenetic classification - but separately from the "true" clitellates (oligochaetes + leech-like worms) called by him Euclitellata.