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    Sirodotia: Brief Summary
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    Sirodotia Kylin (1912) is a freshwater red alga which was described by Kylin in 1912. The family Batrachospermaceae belongs to the order Batrachospermales and has six well known genera namely Batrachospermum, Kumanoa, Sirodotia, Nothocladus, Tuomeya, and Sheathia. The morphology of the gametophyte of Batrachospermum, Sirodotia, Tuomeya, and Nothocladus are more are less similar to each other. Necchi and Timothy John Entwisle (1990) proposed to delimit them from Generic level to section level of genus Batrachospermum[citation needed] Sheathia was the member of genus Batrachospermum and recently[when?] rose to generic level). Later phylogenetic studies revealed a distinctive genus level of the above with full support in bootstrap analysis (Vis et al., 1998) and Sirodotia has been raised to generic level.

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