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    Goldman's woodrat: Brief Summary
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    Goldman's woodrat (Neotoma goldmani) is a rodent species in the family Cricetidae. It is found only in Mexico throughout the Mexican Plateau, stretching from Southeast Chihuahua to South San Luis Potosi and North Queretaro. The plateau is an average 5,988 ft. above sea level and covers a land area of 232,388 sq. miles.

    N. goldmani is restricted to rocky and desert habitats and shelters itself in crevices. It exhibits a karyotype that qualifies it as a more primitive species than the N. mexicana.

    It is currently under no immediate threat, but has experienced a decrease in population due to habitat changes occurring throughout the Mexican Plateau area, a very highly populated area, which includes the states of Chihuahua, San Luis Potosi, Jalisco, and Mexico.

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