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Tropidia polystachya (Sw.) Ames

Scientific Names


Chloidia polystachya (Sw.) Rchb. fil.
Chloidia vernalis Lindl.
Corymborkis polystachya (Sw.) Kuntze
Dendrorkis membranacea (A. Rich.) Kuntze
Macrostylis vernalis (Lindl.) Rchb. fil.
Neottia polystachya (Sw.) Sw.
Polystachya membranacea A. Rich.
Serapias polystachya Sw.
Stenorrhynchos polystachyon (Sw.) Spreng.
Tomotris polystachya (Sw.) Raf.
Tropidia eatonii Ames
Stenorrhynchos polystachyon
Recognized by CITES
Tropidia polystachya (Sw.) Ames
Recognized by NCBI

Common Names

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