Scientific Names

Preferred Names

Poa pratensis L.
Poa costata
Recognized by Spain Species List
Poa pratensis
Recognized by Flickr BHL, iNaturalist, Iran Species List, Tibet Species List, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, United Kingdom Species List, South Atlantic Species List, Arctic Vascular Plants, Arctic Vascular Plants, Arctic Vascular Plants, Arctic Vascular Plants, Arctic Vascular Plants, Indian Ocean Species List, Arctic Ocean Species List, North Pacific Species List, South Pacific Species List, North Atlantic Species List, The Netherlands Species List, Slovakia Species List, Slovenia Species List, South Africa Species List, South Korea Species List, Sweden Species List, Switzerland Species List, Turkey Species List, Ukraine Species List, United States Species List, Territory of the French Southern and Antarctic, Saint Helena Ascension and Tristan da Cunha, Nepal Species List, New Zealand Species List, Peru Species List, Poland Species List, Portugal Species List, Isle of Man Species List, Ireland Species List, Italy Species List, Kazakhstan Species List, Luxembourg Species List, Kyrgyzstan Species List, Lesotho Species List, Lithuania Species List, Mexico Species List, Mongolia Species List, Morocco Species List, Falkland Islands Species List, Faroe Islands Species List, France Species List, Hungary Species List, Finland Species List, Estonia Species List, Ecuador Species List, Georgia Species List, Germany Species List, Ghana Species List, Greece Species List, Iceland Species List, Costa Rica Species List, Belarus Species List, Belgium Species List, Bhutan Species List, Bolivia Species List, Bulgaria Species List, Dominican Republic Species List, Cyprus Species List, Czech Republic Species List, Colombia Species List, Andorra Species List, Armenia Species List, Argentina Species List, Austria Species List, Afghanistan Species List, Australia Species List, Denmark Species List, India Species List, Norway Species List, Pakistan Species List, Barcode of Life Data Systems, Flickr Group, Wikimedia Commons, Wikimedia Commons, CalPhotos, Global Invasive Species Database, Canada Species List, China Species List, Greenland Species List, Japan Species List, Russia Species List, Bioimages Vanderbilt DwCA, wikipedia Italiano, wikipedia Español, FEIS Invasiveness structured data in DwCA, wikipedia, Fire Effects Information System Plants, USDA PLANTS text, wikipedia 中文维基百科, wikipedia Français, wikipedia русскую Википедию, wikipedia 한국어 위키백과, wikipedia Deutsch, Chile Species List, NCBI, wikipedia NL, wikipedia POL, wikipedia VI, wikipedia CZ, Wikidata, Wikidata, Wikidata, TRY summarized records, Pignatti, 1982, wikipedia FI, wikipedia UK, wikipedia SV, wikipedia PT, Syracuse U and Siefert 2014, Afghanistan Species List, Spain Species List, Global Biotic Interactions, Global Biotic Interactions, and Simpson et al 2019
Poa pratensis L. (1753)
Recognized by IABIN
Poa pratensis Linnaeus
Recognized by eFloras

Alternative Names

Briza virens Walter
Paneion pratense (L.) Lunell
Poa agassizensis B. Boivin & D. Löve
Poa anceps var. breviculmis Hook. fil.
Poa angustifolia ssp. anceps (Gaudin) K. Richt.
Poa angustifolia ssp. costata (Schumach.) K. Richt.
Poa angustifolia var. angustiglumis (Roshev.) Vorosch.
Poa angustifolia var. pratensis (L.) Simonk.
Poa angustiglumis Roshev.
Poa articulata Ovcz.
Poa athroostachya var. anceps (Gaudin) Soó
Poa avatshensis Kom.
Poa bidentata Stapf
Poa boliviensis Hack.
Poa brintnellii Raup
Poa caerulea Knapp
Poa compressoformis Rouy
Poa costata Schumach.
Poa dolichachyra Keng fil. ex L. Liu
Poa dolichachyra var. longiflora S. L. Chen ex D. Z. Ma
Poa dolichochyra Keng
Poa dubia Honck.
Poa eragrostiformis Schur
Poa filifolia Schur
Poa filiformis Link ex Schrad.
Poa florida N. R. Cui
Poa garanica Ikonn.
Poa gelida Roem. & Schult.
Poa glabra Ehrh.
Poa hatusimae Ohwi
Poa ianthoides Roiv.
Poa kuraica Olonova
Poa latifolia (Weihe) R. Doll
Poa luzoniensis Merr.
Poa macounii Vasey
Poa magensiana Potztal
Poa maydellii Roshev.
Poa montana Honck.
Poa nymannii Tineo
Poa oligeria Steud.
Poa pachyantha Keng fil. ex Shan Chen
Poa paratunkensis Kom.
Poa peckii Chase
Poa pinegensis Roshev.
Poa pratensis fm. humilis Wimm. & Grab.
Poa pratensis fm. latifolia Weihe
Poa pratensis fm. major Wimm. & Grab.
Poa pratensis fm. setacea Döll
Poa pratensis fm. variegata Roshev.
Poa pratensis fm. vulgaris Döll
Poa pratensis ssp. agassizensis (B. Boivin & D. Löve) Roy L. Taylor & Mac Bryde
Poa pratensis ssp. anceps (Gaudin) Dumort.
Poa pratensis ssp. angustiglumis (Roshev.) Tzvelev
Poa pratensis ssp. atlantis Maire
Poa pratensis ssp. dolichophylla (Hack.) Portal
Poa pratensis ssp. hilaea Galanin
Poa pratensis ssp. jordanii Portal
Poa pratensis ssp. latifolia (Weihe) Schübl. & G. Martens
Poa pratensis ssp. rigens (Hartm.) Tzvelev
Poa pratensis ssp. sabulosa (Roshev.) Tzvelev
Poa pratensis ssp. sergievskajae (Prob.) Tzvelev
Poa pratensis ssp. skrjabinii Tzvelev
Poa pratensis ssp. sobolevskiana (Gudoschn.) Tzvelev
Poa pratensis ssp. stenachyra (Keng ex Keng fil. & G. Q. Song) Soreng & G. H. Zhu
Poa pratensis ssp. turfosa (Litv.) Vorosch.
Poa pratensis ssp. vulgaris Gaudin
Poa pratensis ssp. zhukoviae Jurtzev & Tzvelev
Poa pratensis var. anceps Gaudin
Poa pratensis var. angustiglumis (Roshev.) Bondarenko ex Korovina
Poa pratensis var. arenaria Parn.
Poa pratensis var. arida Parn.
Poa pratensis var. atlantica Maire
Poa pratensis var. contracta Keng
Poa pratensis var. costata (Schumach.) Fr.
Poa pratensis var. dolichophylla Hack.
Poa pratensis var. domestica Laest.
Poa pratensis var. filifolia Schur
Poa pratensis var. hatusimae (Ohwi) Ohwi
Poa pratensis var. latifolia (Weihe) Mert. & W. D. J. Koch
Poa pratensis var. laxa Lej.
Poa pratensis var. laxiflora Lange
Poa pratensis var. macounii B. Boivin
Poa pratensis var. major Roth
Poa pratensis var. maydellii (Roshev.) Bondarenko ex Korovina
Poa pratensis var. muralis Parn.
Poa pratensis var. paratunkensis (Kom.) Bondarenko ex Korovina
Poa pratensis var. pinegensis (Roshev.) Bondarenko ex Korovina
Poa pratensis var. planiculmis Parn.
Poa pratensis var. pubescens Lej.
Poa pratensis var. retroflexa Parn.
Poa pratensis var. rigens (Hartm.) Laest.
Poa pratensis var. sabulosa Roshev.
Poa pratensis var. stricta Hook.
Poa pratensis var. stricta Nyár.
Poa pratensis var. subglabriflora (Roshev.) Bondarenko ex Korovina
Poa pratensis var. transnominata Bondarenko ex Korovina
Poa pratensis var. turfosa (Litv.) Bondarenko ex Korovina
Poa pratensis var. umbrosa Parn.
Poa pratensis var. urjanchaica (Roshev.) Bondarenko ex Korovina
Poa pratensis var. variegata Rchb.
Poa pratensis var. vera Wimm. & Grab.
Poa pratensis var. vulgaris Alef.
Poa pseudopratensis Beyer
Poa pubescens Lej.
Poa rigens Hartm.
Poa sabulosa Turcz. ex Roshev.
Poa sergievskajae Prob.
Poa skrjabinii (Tzvelev) Prob. & Tzvelev
Poa sobolevskiana Gudoschn.
Poa stenachyra Keng ex Keng fil. & G. Q. Song
Poa stricta D. Don
Poa subcaerulea var. anceps (Gaudin) Soó
Poa subglabriflora Roshev.
Poa todarii Lojac.
Poa turfosa Litv.
Poa urjanchaica Roshev.
Poa virens J. Jacq.
Poa viridis Schreb. ex Pursh
Poa zhukovae (Jurtzev & Tzvelev) Prob.
Poa angustifolia ssp. costata (Schumach.) Richt.
Poa bourgeaei E. Fourn. ex Hemsl.
Poa pratensis L.
Recognized by USDA Plants data
Poa pratensis L. 1753
Recognized by NCBI
Poa pratensis ssp. attica (Boiss. & Heldr.) Rech. fil.
Poa pratensis var. attica (Boiss. & Heldr.) Boiss.
Poa pratensis var. costata (Schumach.) Fr.
Poa pratensis var. laxiflora Lange
Poa pratensis var. macounii B. Boivin
Poa pratensis var. stricta Hook.
Poa pratensis var. subglabriflora Roshev.
Poa pratensis var. urjanchaica (Roshev.) Bondar ex O. N. Korovina
Poa viridis Schreb. ex Pursh

Common Names


Kentucky Bluegrass preferred
Recognized by Wikidata
Smooth Meadow Grass
Recognized by Wikidata
Smooth Meadow-grass preferred
Recognized by malsem8 and admin


قبأ المروج preferred
Recognized by Wikidata


Бажат preferred
Recognized by Wikidata


Метлюжок лугавы preferred
Recognized by Wikidata


ливадна ливадина preferred
Recognized by Wikidata


Lipnice luční preferred
Recognized by Wikidata

Dutch; Flemish

Veldbeemdgras preferred
Recognized by Wikidata


Aasnurmikas preferred
Recognized by Wikidata


Niittynurmikka preferred
Recognized by Wikidata, christinaflann, and admin


Pâturin des prés preferred
Recognized by Wikidata


Wiesen-Rispengras preferred
Recognized by Wikidata


סיסנית האחו preferred
Recognized by Wikidata


Vallarsveifgras preferred
Recognized by Wikidata


Fienarola dei prati preferred
Recognized by Pignatti, 1982


Шалғын қоңырбасы preferred
Recognized by Wikidata


Pievinė miglė preferred
Recognized by Wikidata


Нугын биелэг өвс preferred
Recognized by Wikidata

Ossetian; Ossetic

Мæтатык preferred
Recognized by Wikidata


چمن مرتعی preferred
Recognized by Wikidata


Wiechlina łąkowa preferred
Recognized by Wikidata


Мятлик луговой preferred
Recognized by Wikidata

Spanish; Castilian

Grama de Prados preferred
Recognized by Wikidata
Grama de prados
Recognized by Wikidata
Poa Común
Recognized by Wikidata
Zacate Poa
Recognized by Wikidata


Ängsgröe preferred
Recognized by Wikidata


Çayır salkım otu preferred
Recognized by Wikidata


Тонконіг лучний preferred
Recognized by Wikidata


Łucna lipnica preferred
Recognized by Wikidata
Łučna lipnica preferred
Recognized by Wikidata


gweunwellt llyfn preferred
Recognized by Wikidata
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